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Glass screen protector for GS290 (Schutzglas fur GS290): Instructions

Good day all,

Along with ordering my VollaPhone, I also bought the factory-spec'd glass screen protector (for about 19Euro). I just finished installing the protector, but had to 'Google Translate' the instructions - as they're only in German on the packaging. If it helps anyone, below is the translation which I managed to provide myself (with advanced apologies to native German speakers for any translation mistakes).

Step 1

Clean the display of the device with the enclosed damp cloth. Wipe the display dry with the microfiber cloth. Dab the last dust particles with the anti-static cloth.

(Reinigen Sie das Display des Geretes mit dem beiliegenden feuchten Tuch. Anschilebend das Display mit dem Microfaser- Tuch trocken wischen. Letzte Staubpartikel mit dem Anti- Statik- Tuch abtupfen.)

Step 2

Peel off the protective film of the HD glass.

(Ziehen Sie die Schutzfolie des HD Glases ab.)

Step 3

Place the HD glass on the display of the device.

(Legen Sie das HD Glas auf das Display des Geretes.)

Step 4

Print (press) gently in the middle of the HD glass. The glass sucks in automatically without bubbles. Wipe over the corners and sides of the HD glass again with the microfiber cloth.

(Drucken Sie sanft in der Mitte des HD Glases. Das Glas Saugt sich blasenfrei automatisch an. Abschiliebend die Ecken und Seiten des HD Glases nochmal mit dem Microfaser- Tuch uberwischen.)


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