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VollaPhone mit: Volla OS 12

Volla Os installed through Ubports installer.

I recently got my Volla X23 with pre installed UT.I didn't much liked the performance so I installed the Volla Os using the latest version of Ubports.The installation went normal with the exception that got the message "Orange state the device cannot be trusted".I locked the bootloader with "fastboot flashing lock" and it all seemed fine.The problem I have is that the phone constantly switches off or restarts whenever it is left idle.Sometimes after restart the springboard doesn't function or I get the message that apps cannot be loaded.The version of Volla Os is the latest and during installation my phone was recognized properly.I already submitted a thicket to Volla support,but was wondering if anyone else has had to deal with a similar problem,or have any ideas what can be done about it.Thank you in advance for any information.
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Re: Volla Os installed through Ubports installer.

Thanks for buying a Volla Phone X23.

When did you slash the device? Our developer team has published an update for the configuration of the UBports installer for our devices in the last week. If you have done it some weeks ago, you should reflash the device or try a system update, that will be published soon.

Ubuntu Touch and also the UBports installer requires an unlocked bootloader. Thats the reason you the orange state warning. You can lock the bootloader with Android Platform Tools.
  1. Start the device into the fastboot mode
  2. Connect the device with your PC oder Mac
  3. Open command line interface and execute

    Code: Alles auswählen

    fastboot flashing lock
  4. Confirm the command on your device.
Please note, that for security reasons the user data are deleted after executing this command.

Regarding the Volla launcher:
  • Please check in the system settings, wether you have granted all app permissions
  • Please check in F-Droid, wether you use the recent version of the Volla app
  • Please forsce the app to quit and remove the app data in the system settings
Fro wish vehaviour of the device do you conclide is is rebooting? Is the Volla logo animation shown? Maybe the device should be reflashed an mentioned above.

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