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how open source will the X23 be?

I have just seen a bunch of adverts for the Volla X23. It looks interesting.
I am wondering how open source friendly will the X23 be?
Does it use uboot or something else? Will source code be available?
Is kernel source going to be available?
What version of kernel will it be? is it mainline or a BSP kernel?
Will a DTS file be available?
What binary blobs will be there for which there is no source code?

Basically, if I wanted to build my own OS from the ground up, will everything be available for me to do that.

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Re: how open source will the X23 be?

Hi dieselnutjob and welcome to the Forum!

I hope that I am able to answer your questions.
Generally the Volla can be seen as a open source friendly device.
The Volla OS comes with a rare amount of curated Open Source Apps and has the F-Droid Store pre installed. This enables users to access Open Source applications easily.

You can find Volla on Github: and see all available sources there.

The alternative Operation System Ubuntu Touch is completely Open Source.

Check their Gitlab:

If you have other questions feel free to reach out to the dev community on telegram:

Enjoy your day!
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