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Erratic behaviour / volla os.


First time poster here, so if this topic is out of place, i apologize.

I'm experiencing problems with my volla phone (bought in 2021).

Since the latest update, my phone started to display erratic behaviour. With this i mean, opening and closing apps, swiping from left to right, top to bottom, etc... in rapid succession. As if it's got a life of it's own. It happens all by itself.

These events happen without warning (although a second before it starts, the phone becomes non responsive) and cannot be replicated. These are random events. When this happens, there's nothing to do but to reboot the device.
Also, the phone has gotten slower. (but this is more of a feeling, since there are more apps installed).

A week or two ago, i contacted support with this problem, but i haven't heard from them yet.

Has anyone here got this behaviour too? If so, what did you do to get it sorted?
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Re: Erratic behaviour / volla os.

I will forward your request. The problem is known.
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Re: Erratic behaviour / volla os.

Thanks for choosing a Volla Phone.

Please clean the display with a damp cleaning cloth or an antistatic microfiber cloth and some glass cleaner. Make sure that the fingerprint sensor does not get wet.

If the behavior occurs, briefly tap the power button and activate the device again via the fingerprint sensor.

If the behavior continues to occur frequently, please contact our customer service at The display must then be replaced.

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