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Replace Internet provider with a Volla Phone.


This morning, no more Internet, no more phone (ADSL) since 9 am to 11 am :shock: Very funny when you have some professional activities like me today :evil: The origin was my provider. It was impossible to join the support because the service was also down :roll: I've called a friend to ask him to look in the provider's site if something explains the situation.

Now, I have a very basic phone without Internet or anything else that we can find in a "smartphone". In this situation, I would buy the "Volla X" because it's rugged, IP 68 and has a high capacity battery. I don't want any application from a Google store or FDroid.

My wishes are :
  • to be able to share my Volla's Internet connection
  • proposition a) connect the Volla phone (which hardware solution ?) to my network switch to share the connection on my private network.
  • proposition b) or share the connection via cable (no Wifi) with my Linux box
I know that a 4 G connection can't replace a 100 Mbit connection, but I can work with it.

At this moment, the OS is not the most important (Volla OS, Ubuntu Touch, Droidian), I would know if it's possible with which OS and how, or if I must wait. And If I can use my cyphered SD-Card (Luks) as presented here : Q&A event will take place on October 6 I'm ready to order a "Volla X" ;)

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