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Wifi issues on android 10

Hi all,

Since I updated to the android 10 I am having weird issues with wifi.

Normal day to day things that require internet seem way more slower. But not all the time.

It randomly disconnects.
Normally disabling wifi and turn it on again solves it. (at least for some time)

From IPhones, android phones, android tablets and PC's only my volla seems to have issues.

I tested playing games via streaming (geforce now or xbox cloud), and all the other devices play like its native and the connection on the volla has a gigantic latency.

I tested with the volla on top of the wifi router.
I think its not my network because all the other devices work well.

Is there any bug on the android 10 regarding wifi?
Could it be that the wifi for this phone has weaker specs?
Can someone help me out here?

Just has note, my router reboots regularly.

Kind Regards,
Nuno Carapinha
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Volla Phone mit: Volla OS (Android 10)

Re: Wifi issues on android 10

Seems like the problem came back again.
Tried with other devices and works fine.
Factory reset my router just in case.

Wifi quality using vollaphone seems just to randomly not work correctly compared to other devices.

All the other devices I start and it works.

Also notice the bluetooth on seems to make it worse for some reason.

Cant figure out if its my router or its just vollaphone.

Hi all,

I ended up solving the problem.
After searching for the device specs and all.
I notice that it was WIFI4, since I have a lot of features on my router like wifi6 and WPA3 I notice that I was using WPA2/WPA3 on my router.
Updated it to WPA2 only, thinking it could be some kind of bad compatibility.

Forgot the wifi and re-add it again.

And now playing on geforce now seems almost has native.
Just like all the other devices.

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