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New to the forums and info on Volla 22

I just learned about the Volla 22 phone and starting to do the research on this. I reside in the USA and my carrier is AT&T and have been an Apple iPhone user for 20 years. :( I do not like it and due to my non existent knowledge of software code and the technology which runs phones I have been reluctant to try an alternative which is why I decided to cut to the chase and ask this question of this forum.

Is the Volla 22 a plug and play for USA users? Or will it require configuring it with my AT&T carrier? I don't care for the apps like most users like and enjoy. I want a good phone which has privacy and security in mind. Any information one preferably in the USA can provide will surely benefit in making my decision if this phone is right for me. I do have a Linux Mint Debian Edition OS on my desktop and laptop with limited terminal command skills. What is the time once an order is placed and paid for before the phone is received?

As stated any information provided negative or positive would be appreciated. Thank you very much and very pleased to be a member of this community.
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Re: New to the forums and info on Volla 22

Hello Hopnotch,

That was a smart move coming here first!

Let me start by saying that the Volla 22 is an excellent phone, with solid build quality, and coupled with the Volla OS it is probably the best de-Googled option available right now.

To answer your question about AT&T. Volla states that some US Volla owners are using AT&T, but the current Volla owners on this forum are not aware of anyone with a successful AT&T activation.

The only people that can activate the Volla 22 are those with T-Mobile or a T-Mobile MVNO who can swap an already activated SIM card from a currently operating phone such as a Samsung into the Volla.

There are no US carriers that will allow the Volla to activate on their networks as a new activation. This is because they are decommissioning the 2G & 3G bands by 12/31/2022. At that time, the Volla phones will cease telephony operation.

Grab a tall glass of your favorite bubbly and head to the forum post bolded below. It's a long and sometimes technical read but you will see the trials others have had trying to get the VP22 to function in the US.

"Cannot get Volla Phone 22 configured with Verizon APN in the USA, to send or receive phone calls?"

Volla Tells us that a new US version is in the works and I for one will snap it up as soon as it's available. I believe in the product, despise Google and Apple, and want a safe, secure option. I also believe that the best option is here - when it supports the US frequency bands.

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