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Why is the X23 based on the GX4 and not the GX6?

So it is quite obvious the upcoming Volla Phone X23 is based on the Gigaset GX4. But I am wondering why is it not based on the Gigaset GX6 instead? The GX6 is in my opinion much better than the GX4 especially in terms of 5G support, which the GX4 doesn't have.

Basing the X23 on the GX6 would allow the X23 to much better compete against the Murena Fairphone 4, which is the closest competition.

I hope someone from Volla can answer.
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Re: Why is the X23 based on the GX4 and not the GX6?

The Volla Phone X23 is not based on the GX4 or GX6 model. We do not sell Gigaset devices. Rather, we commission Gigaset to manufacture Volla Phone models in a small series for the Volla brand. We use components that are exclusively manufactured for Volla.

The fact that Gigaset manufactures Volla Phone models for us is often confused in social media with the assumption that we would trade with device models from Gigaset.

We have equipped the Volla Phone X23 with a young, powerful processor MTK G99, more powerful than for example the processor of the GX6 model of the Gigaset brand. In addition, our Volla Phone X23 is equipped with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of persistent storage, more than Gigaset's GX4 model, for example.

Enjoy the day!

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