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VollaPhone - screen replacement in Canada

Good day,

I'm writing to ask if anyone has tried to get their screen replaced (by a Canadian service provider), on an original VollaPhone, after being cracked?

I have a small crack in mine (see photos), but would rather not wait until it becomes a bigger issue. I was not able to find replacement screens (as a part) online, and sending an inquiry to VollaPhone directly, received the message:

"We work with a certified service partner who offers fast and professionally competent repairs. You can conveniently order the repairs online at

If you are living in Switzerland, you can drop your device at a shop of"

So that means sending the smartphone to Germany for repairs (plus all accompanying shipping costs, paperwork, etc.).

So, if anyone knows of a domestic service provider in Canada (more specifically around Toronto, in the province of Ontario), I would appreciate hearing from you.

Kind regards,
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Re: VollaPhone - screen replacement in Canada

Did you manage to find somewhere in Canada to repair your Volla 22? I'm in the same boat

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