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Registriert: So 20. Feb 2022, 15:52
Wohnort: Whitby, Ontario, Canada
VollaPhone mit: Volla OS 12

Asking if someone has a 'bricked' VollaPhone to donate

Good day,

I'm writing to the community to see if anyone has a 'bricked' (original) VollaPhone (i.e. Gigaset GS290 handset) that they would like to get rid of & donate? I have a badly cracked screen, which can no longer be replaced anywhere in North America or Europe, and is not working consistently. As the phone is still good as a device, I would like to keep using it, so thought to ask if anyone out there has an original VollaPhone that may or may not be working anymore, but has a fully intact screen (i.e. no cracks, chips, scratches, etc.). I'd like to use the donated mobile for parts.

I'd be happy to pay for shipping (and would prefer that it come from a Canadian address). Please send me a private message / e-mail if you can help out.


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