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Volla Phone mit: Ubuntu Touch

New Volla Phone

It would be great if you could give more of everything in the next version of Volla Phone X :D

Maybe it sounds stupid but with Volla Phone X I miss some things from standard phones.

I think that it would be great in the next version to give a much better camera min 48MP, more RAM and ROM, the possibility of having two SIM + microSD cards (support 1T), not one SIM + microSD card or only two SIM cards. A newer version of Gorilla Glass. Support for 5G networks and support for the WiFi 6E standard. Easily replaceable batteries with a capacity of more than 9000 mAh.

And durability certificates would be great :D MIL-STD-810 and FullHD display.

In my opinion, then the phone would be perfect.

There are no phones on the market with Linux and with strong components.

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