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good morning I would like to buy the model x but first I would have questions: what difference is there between os and ubuntu? where do I download applications? can you have a list of available applications? does facebook work, wattzap?
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Re: application

Hi Marcus,
Volla OS is basically a no-spy, no-tracking Android without Google and without Google Services (on which several non-Google apps depend).
Ubuntu Touch is a Linux based Operating System that has nothing to do with Android. The number of available applications is limited, while Volla OS allows you to use most Android apps. Both Ubuntu Touch and Volla OS come with Software Centers which make it very easy to install programs.

This guy has compared Volla OS an Ubuntu Touch:

I find him too critical, especially when it comes to Ubuntu Touch (which I like), but he's competent and thoroughly reviews both Operating systems.
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Re: application

Hi, if you think about Facebook, Whats App, Ubuntu Touch is nothing for you. Google free Volla phone should work for you if you download for example What's App APK from What's App directly, no play store, no aura store (yes you could use it - I would not). But there are more messenger out there. Xmpp (Conversations, or Matrix for example )

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