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Google play services - OpenGapps

Hello there,

I'm a Volla 22 user, now evaluating and testing the device. A few apps require Google services installed to work properly, especially banking ones. Even creating a separate user profile to handle it, and as a sandbox isn't on it, the Volla OS generates an error: “There was a problem parsing the package”.

This means possible a Volla OS restriction somehow. How do you guys deal with this particular thing? I was able to install the gsm and gfm apk packages separately but the apps suddenly load and crash.

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Volla Phone mit: Volla OS (Android 11)
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Re: Google play services - OpenGapps

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Re: Google play services - OpenGapps

There will be a solution in Volla OS (from the latest Kickstarter update ... ts/3652700):
Solution for apps that require Google services

We didn't stop there. Since many users have approached us to see if we can support Android apps that rely on Google Play services, we are preparing the optional installation of microG. This is a technique that replaces Google Play services with an alternative implementation to ensure functionality but privacy protection at the same time.

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