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Volla Phone mit: Volla OS (Android 11)



Wondering if there is a possibility to change the springboard so that it´s on the left hand side off the screen? I´m always using the phone with my left hand.

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Volla Phone mit: Volla OS (Android 11)
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Re: Springboard


Same thing here, unfortunately this is currently not possible. I have requested this in the Telegram group (August 30th) with additional ideas to have more than just one red bullet.

The "Left-Hand"-request ist also mentioned here ... /issues/92 so I think the developers have it on the list.

Keep the fingers crossed that they will notice the request and it will make to one of the next releases.

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Re: Springboard

Holding the phone with one hand, the tip of the thumb is somewhere in the middle of the screen. Wouldn't that be a better place for the dot? The corner at the bottom is difficult to reach for right handers as well. Ergonomically a bad place.

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