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any tips on Waydroid?


I wonder about waydroid, but more about security and privacy. If I want to install it at all, with all the trackers that come along with apps? Is it heavy for the system? And if no waydroid apps are running, is everything turned off. No heavy android stuff running or any access to internet. Is it as it was never installed if no apps are running?

My thinking is to have UT as clean as possible, and Volla OS for more commercial use.

Thanks in forehand.
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Re: any tips on Waydroid?


waydroid on the newer Vollaphone versions seems anyway not to be a turnkey solution. I found this approach ... -/issues/1 and it seems to work. Waydroid appeared, but I could not yet test it further. GSF seems to be absent (see text in the link).



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