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Question about installing the first secondary OS


I tried watching a YouTube video about the Volla Phone 22 and I recall there being some issues with installing a secondary OS.
The video was in German but my German isn't fluent enough to fully understand.

I understood that they couldn't install Volla OS on their Volla Phone that came with Ubuntu Touch, cause it would have required rooting the phone. Can you still install Ubuntu Touch if you get the phone with Volla OS from factory? Or has there been a misunderstanding?

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Re: Question about installing the first secondary OS

if you want to use the multiboot feature you have to use VollaOS as the primary OS.
installing a second OS requires a compatible SD Card sufficiently large for the second OS.

personally I have a X23 with VollaOS and Ubuntu Touch.

installation of the secondary OS is a little tricky. it took me several attempts before I managed to have Ubuntu Touch running.

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