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Droidian User Experience

Im testing Droidian (nightly) For a few Days now. These are my current results:

✅ Manual brightness
❌ Torchlight
✅ Vibration

❌ Flashlight
❌ Photo
❌ Video
❌ Switching between cameras

⚡️ Carrier info, signal strength
❌ Data connection
⚡️ Incoming, outgoing calls
❌ MMS in, out
✅ PIN unlock
❌ SMS in, out
❌ Change audio routings
⚡️ Voice in calls

❌ Battery lifetime > 24h from 100%
❌ No reboot needed for 1 week

⚡️ Boot into UI
✅ Hardware video playback

✅ Battery percentage
❌ Offline charging
✅ Online charging
❓ Recovery image
❓ Reset to factory defaults
✅ RTC time
⚡️ Shutdown / Reboot
❌ Wireless External monitor

⚡️ Bluetooth
✅ Flight mode
❌ Hotspot
✅ WiFi

❌ Automatic brightness
❓ Proximity
✅ Rotation
✅ Touchscreen

✅ Earphones
✅ Loudspeaker
✅ Microphone
⚡️ Volume control

✅ Works
❓ Untested
❌ Not working

Please note, that Droidian is not meant to be used as a daily driver!
Im experiencing a lot of endurance issues, such as:

* Backlight doesnt turn off
* System crashes for no apparent reason
* Many many Apps dont work
* EXTREMELY high battery consumption (Battery lasts less then 8 hours with Bluetooth turned off and no Sim)
* Lock screen crashes
* Booting process needs multiple iterations to work

Also, to get things like the manual backlight brightness or the microphone to work, it might be necessary to disable the automatic adjustment of it and to change the standard value slightly.

Anyway, the overlay "phosh" makes a good impression. I like the minimalistic Style and the User Experience (apart from all the crashes and so on)

There are a few thigs that I didnt manage to test without system crash, such as Calendar and Contact Sync. Droidian on Volla seems not to recognize the Contact Data storred on the SIM card and I wasnt able to connect with my private nextcloud without crashing the App or the whole System. Ill keep on trying and will publish all new results here in this thread.

Feel free to ask me anything if I should test something for you on Droidian. If you are using the OS by yourself pls share your experience in this thread as well. :)
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Re: Droidian User Experience

Hello @Schmuel,

As Mobian evolve quickly, I suppose that Droidian follow some evolutions. I'm a Debian user and tested Mobian, that I like because I have a comparable environment between my Linux desktop and the smartphone.

I'm interested in the « Volla X » that has not the same camera than the « Volla ».

Does the main (from my point of view ;) ) function are usable now ?
- make and receive a call;
- SMS;
- support of a USB-C dock bar with an Ethernet port (viewtopic.php?t=198&p=736#p736);
- take some pictures with the camera;

Thank you.

Best regards.
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Re: Droidian User Experience

- make and receive a call; yes
- SMS; yes
- support of a USB-C dock bar with an Ethernet port (viewtopic.php?t=198&p=736#p736); no
- take some pictures with the camera; yes
- MMS yes
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Re: Droidian User Experience

Good news :D

In my post about the USB dock bar and the usage of the Ethernet port (viewtopic.php?p=759#p759), I ask if it is possible to share via the USB port the Internet connexion. Do you know if it is possible with Droidian ?

Update : I would use my private NFS server and my VDR server for the vildeo

Best regards.

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