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Mobile Data Connection Issues

Hello, I am having problems getting cell data connectivity (AT&T) on my Volla Phone with Volla OS. When I insert a sim that works with another device, it shows no bars and states Emergency Calls Only. I have tried contacting AT&T support and was initially told the IMEI was not recognized in their system. After some time troubleshooting they concluded something along the lines of the device not seeming to be compatible due to having issues understanding communications with each other.

Has anyone been able to get their Volla Phones connected with a US carrier successfully? Are there any tips you can share on this issue? Thanks.
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Re: Mobile Data Connection Issues

I quote here a contribution from the German VollaTelegramChannel:
"...The main problem seems to be (if I remember it correctly) that the network operators switch off 3G and the VP does not support all 4G bands common in USA / Canada. This makes it depend on the combination of location and carrier what works and how. One user has solved this by using dual-SIM, one carrier for GSM calling and another where the data connection works...."

"...It only works in some areas where AT&T uses 850. I am in Central Texas and have strong LTE - I know another Volla owner in Chicago that is not able to get this from AT&T though...."

I hope i can give you a little help
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Volla Phone mit: Volla OS (Android 10)

Re: Mobile Data Connection Issues

I'm leaving in NM and just got my phone yesterday. I have the same issue, I use Tmobile and LTE does not work. I'm wondering if Verizon would work?

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